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On-boarding for Remote Workers

The onboarding of a new employee is an employer’s chance to make a good impression. When there is an onboarding process in place that leads a new hire through a positive experience, you will see higher productivity and increased retention. If you have a good approach with a solid strategy, your new hires will feel welcomed and excited about their new position.   

Smile, You’re on Camera!

We highly recommend sending a personalized welcome video to your new hire.  Include details of the onboarding process so that they know what to expect and from whom.  We recommend also sharing deadlines for each step to be completed so there is no ambiguity. Whether this is something sent from HR or the direct manager – (don’t make it all corporate and highly produced) – keep it simple and personal. 

Work on your strategy ahead of onboarding – Don’t wing it

New hires that will be working remote should receive checklist items immediately after receipt of their offer letter.  This needs to happen quickly (if not automatically through your IT system) so that they have ample time to collect all needed information and complete any pre-employment testing and background checks.  Keep in mind the amount of time your technology team needs to get them setup as a user in your internal systems, and the amount of time needed to order and ship laptops, phones etc.  You do not want a new hire waiting on these processes on their 1st day. 

Don’t leave them on an island alone

It is important that new employees understand what is expected of them.  Their first week should include explanations on what success looks like, any KPIs that will be tracked and measured, all contact information for help if they run into technology issues.  Always be available for support if they need you!  Don’t allow your everyday tasks to get in the way of developing a great relationship with your new hire.  If you schedule one-on-ones, keep them!  Introduce them to team members and encourage communication among them without you. 

Need to hire?  

We are still here for you!  With all the uncertainty around us, we know your initiatives need to keep moving forward.  Hire Group Staffing Solutions can help you hire talent whether for short-term projects with extra hands to get work done, or for full-time direct hires adding to your team.  If you would like to chat about your needs and how we can help, reach out today, we would enjoy hearing from you!

WHAT HAPPENED – A pandemic!

Of course it’s not business as usual, especially for small business. We’ve compiled some tips to help you get through.

If you could use additional help customized to your situation, please don’t hesitate to reach out.  We’ll help if we can!

Now MORE than ever:

Current staff needs to be recognized

Recognize effortsIf you haven’t already, find out which form of recognition works for each member of your team – and do it!  Surely, they’re accomplishing goals and pushing your business onward.  Recognize them in an appropriate way – FOR THEM.  Even though the employment market is in the midst of a wild change, it is always important to treat your staff well.  I challenge you to make recognition a continuous part of your company operations.  (we’ve got lots of great ideas on how to recognize your staff, reach out for more!)

Hire better Stop ghosting candidates – return phone calls, update candidates on their status – good or bad. Stress levels are high, anxiety is rampant.  By providing a timely response, you can reduce or eliminate anxiety on the part of the candidate.  Remember how stressful looking for work is?!?  (we are experts at hiring, let us know if you need some help)

Align Partnerships Suppliers and vendors can helpjust as you want to work within mutual partnerships, so do your suppliers.  Even if your budgets are reduced during this time, it is imperative to keep your partnerships alive – continue to nurture those relationships.  This difficult time will eventually pass, and you may need the partnerships again.  Stay close so that when we are through this, you won’t miss a beat. (let us know if you’d like to learn more about what’s important from a supplier’s perspective)